Ghost And Paranormal Evidence Detectives - WV Mountaineer Short Film Fest

We're happy to share we've been selected to participate in this year's WV Mountaineer Short Film Festival in Morgantown, WV! Our latest short film will be screened along side the other contestant's entries at the end of the month on 4/26 and 4/27! Check out the link below for more info:

WVFF19 Film Festival !

April 10th, 2019

New Bearqueft Short Film: Ghost And Paranormal Evidence Detectives

We're back and encouraging you to check out Bearqueft's newest film project, Ghosts and Paranormal Evidence Detectives, documenting a small crew's strange experience in a haunted basement.

Watch entire short film at our YouTube channel here: Ghost and Paranormal Evidence Detectives (G.A.P.E.D.) !

Stay tuned for more BQ film projects in the works and follow us on social media!

November 18th, 2018

Bearqueft Comix - Issue #1

We're proud to announce the first issue of our serial zine Bearqueft Comix is now available! There are 30 pages of original comics and illustrations as well as fake advertisements featuring a menu from our very own Kwan's Karry-Out!

More info and link to purchase at COMIX.BEARQUEFT.COM !

April 13th, 2017

Ohio University's 'Drop Your Shorts' Short Film Competition

Our short film Days of the Night has been officially selected to participate in Ohio University's 'Drop Your Shorts' Fall Competition! 22 short films from around the area will be screened at the event this Sunday, October 16th at 7pm at The Athena Cinema (Athens, OH). Please show your support and be there if you can.

Watch the film yourself on our Youtube channel and use @athenacinema and #DropYourShortsAthena on social media to find out more about the event.

October 15th, 2016

2016 HMAF 72-hour Film Competition

We're proud to announce we'll be participating in this year's Huntington Music and Arts Festival's 72-hour Film Competition! They'll be screening all the short film submissions at the ARTS center on Wed the 31st at 7pm. Show your support if you can for our short film: Dog Dare!

More info can be found

August 28th, 2016

Bearqueft TV
Episode 3

Episode 3 is finally available to watch! See the final installment of Days of the Night and the new One Step trailer at the Youtube link below and let us know what you think!

July 4th, 2016

Episode 3

Bearqueft TV
Episode 2

Episode 2 has been released on our youtube channel featuring Kwan's Karry-Out, Tokyo Chiefs, and more Days of the Night! Check out the link below and enjoy.

February 2015

Episode II

Bearqueft TV
Episode 1

We've released the first episode of Bearqueft TV on our Youtube channel! Thanks to everyone involved and stay tuned for more!

November 2014

Episode I

Coal River Film Festival

We're pleased to announce 'Nice Try' has been selected as a finalist in the 2014 Coal River Film Festival's Short Film Competition in Madison, WV! Please show your support and check out the festival website below!

July 2014

Coal River Film Festival

Colony Film Festival

Hi All, We're pleased to announce our latest film, 'Nice Try: The Robin Thomas Graley Story', has been accepted to be in the 2014 Colony Film Festival short film competition in Marietta, OH! The festival runs March 21st - 22nd so please show your support if you can! Check out the festival website below for more info.

March 2014

Coloony Film Festival

Nice Try: The Robin Thomas Graley Story

We're pleased to announce 'Nice Try: The Robin Thomas Graley Story' is available to watch on our Youtube channel! Thanks to all who participated and stay tune for news on future Bearqueft projects.

October 2013

Nice Try

New Trailer

Hi all, Please check out our official trailer for the next Bearqueft film, "Nice Try: The Robin Thomas Graley Story". Coming later this summer!

July 2013

Nice Try Trailer

Appalachian Film Festival

We're excited to announce our film Weirdo will be screening at Huntington's Keith Albee theater on April 12th at 6:55pm for the 2013 Appalachian Film Festival Short Film competition! Check out the festival's website for more info below.

February 2013

Appalachian Film Festival